A brief study on the effect of Adderall on a specific patient



Prescription stimulant medications are considered a safe and long-term effective treatment for Attention Deficit . Therefore, in this study, we will try to predict the effect of Adderall on a specific patient based on the patient’s pathological history, study of behavior, and analysis of lifestyle and habits through objective and unbiased personal psychological analysis.



The patient is a 17-year-old female with a diagnosis of hyperactivity due ti many mixed feelings that she does not know how to express and sometimes ignores.

The patient lives in a state of anxiety because she is now in the senior year , a year that will determine her path to the end of her life. She sometimes suffers from panic attacks and severe phobias of the laws of integration and reproduction in microorganisms.

The names of organic compounds sometimes cause her palpitations and poor sleep .

Despite all of the above, she procrastinates a lot and lives in a spiral of anxiety and procrastination She wants to become a neurosurgeon but once she starts studying a little bit the Dopamine level drops to abnormal levels Abnormal activity occurs in the amygdala And cortisol levels rise so dangerously that ahe will be the first recorded case of cortisol poisoning due to boredom

Condition no.1

In case that Adderall is not given to her, the condition will worsen, and she will get bad grades, lose her dream, and she will live in a state of severe depression, suicidal thoughts, poor sleep, weight loss, hair loss, and a bad financial condition because she will work in a bad field, and she will suffer from health problems, and she will not be able to pay treatment cost and she will die

Condition no.2

In case shw.was given Adderall, her symptoms will get better, she will be able to become a neurosurgeon, she will live happy ,healtht life , she will be For the best in hee fields, and she will save the lives of hundreds of people.


the conclusion is very obvious !


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