Saudi Aramco

Back in 2012 Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world, was exposed to cyberattack this is The Story Behind One Of The Biggest Hacks In History


Back in 2012 Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world, was exposed to. In a matter of hours more than 30,000 computers within the companies network were wiped or totally destroyed, the company technicians ripped cables out of the back of servers to prevent  the virus from spreading further, suddenly 10 % of the oil supply in the world was at risk, the main target of the attack was to stop the flow of oil to the markets, despite it’s failure to stop the production it was one of the biggest and most disturbing cyberattacks in history

“Former security advisor to Saudi Aramco Chris Kubecka said “It was a massive army from IT people I’ve never seen anything like that in my life

       ? How did it all start

.”She also said “one of the computer technicians in the company IT team opened a scam email and clicked on a bad link

.The hackers used a computer virus called (Shamoon) which is a virus used for cyberwarfare

The virus anatomy

Shamoon was designed to ease and overwrite hard drive data with a corrupted image, it sends information’s about the destroyed files to the attacker then overwrite the erased files again with corrupted data so they can’t be recovered

Later a group called  “cutting sword of justice” claimed responsibility for the attack and they said that their motives were political, so far the group has not been arrested

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