Dark Energy

What’s the dark energy? Is it responsible for galaxies getting away to opposite direction for Milky way? Should we worry about what it will causes? Let us know together by this article.


Dark Energy


‏After the year of 1915. when (Albert Einstein) discovered the theory of General relativity and decided to apply it on the whole universe. but then in 1929 the American astronomer (Edwin Hubble) said “I noticed most of the galaxies are get away and they’re keeping going away in the opposite direction for Milky Way” but there’s a little percent of galaxies are heading around so they said for what’s happening there’re just two options, the first one, universe is extending or it revolves around itself, as they saw the galaxies are get away more every single year, they put the first option “universe is extending” as an option with more potential.

‏What if we back to previous years when the universe was at the beginning of extending, for sure it was lesser, was shaped like a point, specifically at this point it will explode, the “Big bang” will happen and simply we can consider this as a response for how universe start…” Hubble said”.

‏But actually all these are just “ideas” to convince themselves, besides it’s properly a one massive puzzle of the universe’s puzzles That require for a becoming so they called it “Dark energy“. because it’s from unknown sources, didn’t have a color and shape.

‏When they start trying to measure this dark episode of gravity, it appears the whole universe composed of %68.

‏We can say it’s an enormous percent for a universe we expected to contain more explored materials like the atoms which is called the baryon material and its percent just %5.

‏All the previous experiences and attempts by many scientists are not confirmed yet and in the whirlpool of an ongoing mystery.

‏For the end of the universe there’re a three expectations, first one, if the world keep extending and becomes stagnant.

‏Second one is revolves around itself until the explosion,

‏The last one maybe would be the best solution, equilibrium between gravity and the force of the matter ”any body has a huge mass”.

‏Besides the dark energy there’s another component for the universe, discovered by the Dutch astronomer (Jacobus Kapteyn) in 1922 called “dark matter” when he was studying the spinning galaxies, found the speed of the stars inside galaxies bigger than numbers of stars so here we are again in a situation we are unlooked-for, he starts to repeating more by more but it still giving the same measurements even when other scientists trying in 1933.

‏After a lot of researches they suggest the dark matter maybe came from a molecule called “WIMP” which is a shortcut for ”weak interacting massive particles”

‏When the galaxy start to spread its light for whole universe and it’s will be like a straight light but when it’s collide with dark matter, will mark it with dispersed shape so far we can see the galaxy in two different places where it’s actually in the same position.

‏But the dark matter did what it’s supposed to do.


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Writer/ Mariam Aqeel
Proofreading and editing/ Mohammed Raheem

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